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LEDA RISSE – Suddenly the weather has changed, large dark clouds have formed in the sky and herald the storm. I was frustrated, I took my gear and went back to the patio and started to watch this storm forming, that’s where I saw these beautiful colors forming in the sky, this luminous arc, a phenomenon. It was then that I took my canvas and my brushes and began to transcribe this gift of nature that appeared in front of me. It was intense. We could see the water droplets mix with the rays of the sun and form this beautiful arc, forming almost in a ring of colors, I was amazed and I thanked God for giving us such a wonderful nature. Gradually the rain started to fall and, as the rainbow faded in the sky, it reappeared on my canvas.

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120 x 80 cm


Acrylic, Texture


Leda Risse


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