• Stephan Müller
  • 2018
  • Rodalben, Germany
  • sculpture
  • Sawn birch colored
  • 45 cm
  • © Stephan Müller

Sculpture is about the conflict between material, tools, means of expression and the artistic idea. At the moment they are mainly made of wood. For example, the shape of a certain tree trunk appeals to me because I recognize a human shape in it. My idea of ​​her lets me make my first cuts with a chainsaw. This is how a tense process begins, in which I am particularly interested in the relationship between the material of the tree, its volume, its surfaces and lines and my idea.
This seated woman is part of a two-part work in which the protagonists sit opposite each other and, through their posture and participation in the chair attribute, give an idea of ​​the tense atmosphere of conversation.

Stephan Müller - Born in Rodalben (Germany) in 1971. In 2000, he got a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts / Johannes Gutenberg University / Main. Painter and sculptor, he received in 2018 the 1st price in the sculpture category at the Alzey-Wörth Art Prize.

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