Paul Manwaring, United Kingdom
  • Paul Manwaring
  • 2021
  • Old Colwyn, UK
  • Painting
  • Digital Painting / Archival Art Paper
  • 48 x 32 cm
  • © Paul Manwaring

The spiritual meaning of water mainly represents emotions, new beginnings and purification. As our emotions are ever-changing, so is water. Water indicates hope as it will help fade away negative emotions over time and return to its natural tranquil state of being.

This beautifully coloured abstract digital painting will make a striking modern centrepiece for your home.

The deep oranges and yellows contrast with the pure white, deep blues and black to produce an agitated and flickering picture. Echoing the constant movement of water as it flows downstream.

The original digital artwork is hand titled, dated and signed by the artist.
Printed onto high quality ultra-white archival paper.
Shipped in a postal tube and presented in an archival art sleeve.

Paul Manwaring - By definition, modern art uses new imagery, materials and techniques to create artworks that better reflects the realities and hopes of modern societies.
These beautiful abstract paintings are created entirely by modern digital processes.

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