• Маргарита Симонова
  • 2017
  • Moscow, Russia
  • sculpture
  • Gypsum toned, impressionism, unique
  • 20 x 30 x 45 cm
  • © Маргарита Симонова

Unique, single instance.
All-Russian competition-festival of young sculptors
Nomination "PORTRAIT"
(soft material, gypsum)

Маргарита Симонова - I am equally proficient in sculpture and drawing, as well as academic painting, which is not typical for a professional sculptor. Therefore, my sculpture and painting are different from others. Being at the intersection of two areas of academic art and owning each of them, I see the world around me in different ways.

Age group 19-25 years old

Simonova Margarita Andreevna, 20 years old, M.A. V. I. Surikov Moscow - "Senya". Tinted plaster, 20 x 30 x 45 cm, Moscow, 2017. Teacher: Galim Zhyembaevich Dolmogombetov, Dean of the Faculty of Sculpture.

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