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Leda Risse

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Painter born in the northeast of Brazil, I currently live in Switzerland.
Painting has always been my great passion. I have always loved painting and started my first designs at a young age. A versatile artist, I have always been drawn to abstracts art and textures.

In 2001, I found the opportunity to come to Switzerland in Lausanne. Nine months later I got married and took the name Perez that you find on some of my paintings. I started exhibiting in restaurants and nightclubs, until my first serious exhibition.

In 2012, I organized my first collective exhibition with 23 other artists at the Casona Latina, in Lausanne.

In 2016 I received the award for the best Brazilian artist in Switzerland in Zurich.

During this time, living in Switzerland, I made important friendships in the world of abstract arts.
– Hank China, of French origin
– Musto M. Yildirim, of Turkish origin
– and many other names in European abstract arts.

In 2017 I met my artistic director who has also now become my husband and I changed my artist name to Leda Risse. I now live in the Friborg countryside in Switzerland and I can devote myself to my art.

In the spring of 2019, I started a group exhibition of my work with other artists at Galerie les Petits Gris, in Romont, Switzerland. This moment reveals my presence in one of the most important galleries in my region. One of my particularities is the use of 24 karat gold for some of my works.

In November 2019, I participated in the MAG (Montreux Art Gallery), an international exhibition in Montreux.

In January 2020, part of my works were presented in Paris for the Art Show Paris and I received an award: silver medal for originality thanks to the use of fluorescent color which gives each work a second vision.

2021 : Exhibition in the Fondation Clémence in Lausanne from 11 February to 09 April.

Currently, I am preparing new paintings for future international exhibition.

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