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Self-taught painter Céline Annen inherited her first watercolor brush as a teenager from her maternal grandfather, a confirmed painter.
After a long break, she took back her brushes and color palettes in 2014 and discovered a passion, in an abstract style, allowing her feelings to express themselves more freely. Then, an incredible adventure began and ended in 2016 with the self-publishing of a game of 33 cards, painted and written by herself: Sur le Chemin de son Etre.
Nurtured and encouraged by its creative impulses, a second self-published card game was released in October 2018, Le Voyage enchanté des 5 Eléments (the Enchanted Journey of the 5 Elements), 45 cards to discover oneself through archetypes and scents of essential oils.
In autumn 2017, her passion for crystals or semi-precious stones has brought out a new spin of creativity with the watercolor: the crystalline watercolors.
Each painting is a unique watercolor, decorated with a semi-precious stone. Brushes and natural pigments combine in colour to form a stone case. From the bowels of the Earth in the four corners of the world, the crystals with their molecular structure and chemical composition, tell a story: that of our Earth, our history.
They have fascinated young and old since the dawn of time. Whether rough, polished or sculpted, they bring brilliance, wonder, strength and beauty. The crystalline watercolors pay tribute to this mineral world, for all those who are not worn in jewelry, locked in boxes or drawers, or who take the dust in a corner of a room, the paintings put them in light, playing the role of vibratory amplifier. All the crystalline watercolors are also accompanied by a touch from Mother Nature (leaves, bark, wood, feathers, shells, etc.) or a recycled accessory of any kind.
The name of each stone is quoted with the titles of the paintings, allowing to discover this mineral world. For those who are interested or receptive to the energies of crystals, their name may help you research their virtues in lithotherapy.

Céline had the opportunity to paint custom orders, for professional firms or hotel. Inspired either by a specific intention, keywords, a range of colors or with a stone as a starting point. Passionate about nature, she marvels at each work to see the magic that may or may not work…

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