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My name is Margarita Simonova . I’m an artist-sculptor.
I started drawing at the age of 12, entering art school, where I studied animal sculpture.
At the age of 15, I entered the best art school in Russia : the Moscow Academic Art School in memory of 1905 with the best marks-for the artist-sculptor.
I graduated from the school in 2019 with a degree in sculpture with a red diploma and praise. You can see the sculptures of my diploma on my website and on instagram.
In 2019, I entered the I. V. Surikov Higher Educational Institution at the Faculty of Sculpture and now I continue to study there.
I am an academic sculptor by training, but I am equally proficient in sculpture and drawing, as well as academic painting, which is not typical for a professional sculptor. Therefore, my sculpture and painting are different from others. Being at the intersection of two areas of academic art and owning each of them, I see the world around me in different ways.
Contests :
Participation in the annual project for the implementation of cultural cooperation between Russia and Italy – “OPVS PRACTICVM” and participation in the competition in this project
Italy. the city of Pietrasanta.

All-Russian competition-Festival 2020 of young sculptors
1st place in the nomination “Portrait” – Bust “Senya”, Ufa.

3rd place in the American competition “Cameiback Gallery” “FASE 2021”

British Exhibition from the World Association of Portrait Sculptors
Society of portrait painters “FAES 2021”

MOSKH exhibition “YOUTH XLI”, 41st Youth Exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists of Russia in Moscow. “Horsewoman of the Apocalypse” ,Moscow.

Exhibition “ARTIST WANTED Episode IV”. Robots “Natasha” and “Rottweiler Eva”. Museum-apartment of A.A. Block in St. Petersburg

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